Altona District

Altona District

Hamburg Altona was once an independent town and was incorporated into the municipal area of Hamburg in 1937. Altona has its own train station, its own shopping mile and a very good Autobahn connection. However, you can also get to Altona on the Elbe Ferry and from Altona you have a very good S-Bahn connection to Hamburg’s inner city. Altona is one of the oldest parts of Hamburg.       

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Tourism in the Altona District

If you are planning to take a closer look at Altona District, make sure you do not pass up an opportunity to visit the Museum Harbour Övelgönne. A great many of historic ships are anchored in this harbour, first founded in 1977. Old sailing ships as well as the oldest ever seaworthy fire service ship wait for your visit. Today some of these old ships are used as restaurants and welcome you to a culinary dinner. But the Elbstrand (‘Elbe Beach’) itself as well as the Christian Church should both have a place on your itinerary. The naming of the church after the Danish king alludes to the fact that Altona once belonged to Denmark.

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