The district of Bergedorf is in the south-eastern part of the Hanseatic City of Hamburg. It is comprised of not just Bergedorf, but also the towns of Lohbrügge, Vierlande and Marschlande. Although Bergedorf is the second largest district according to surface area, it is the least populated.        

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Tourism in Bergedorf

Those who choose to vacation in Bergedorf shouldn’t pass up the chance to visit Lohbrügge's main landmark. This legendary Water Tower is 38 metres tall and offers visitors a viewing platform, from which they can enjoy views far beyond the district itself.

Bergedorf offers nature lovers a walking trail in the conservation reserve, Boberger Niederung, a low-lying marshy area. Here you can marvel at meadows of orchids and wander the sand dunes.

The Hamburg History Museum in the Bergedorf Palace in Vierlande is a must for history buffs. In the style of a timbered house with a thatched roof, the building in itself is an experience. Bergedorf should be of note to stamp-collectors, as in 1861 it issued its own postage stamps. At that time it had 2,989 residents, making it by far the smallest of any German towns to do so.        

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