Inner City

Hamburg City © Falense / Wikimedia Commons [CC BY-SA 3.0]

Inner City

Hamburg’s Inner City stretches from Jungfernstieg and the Town Hall Square to the Kontorhausviertel – the Merchant Quarter. The Kontorhausviertel is known for its buildings, erected in the unique Kontorhaus architectural style of steel and bricks. The Deichtorcenter, the Messberghof, the Sprinkenhof and the Chilehaus are the most impressive of these buildings.

Further attractions in the Inner City include the various churches and their distinctive features. The Jacobi Church is famous for its Arp Schnitger Organ. The Petri Church is the oldest church in the city and the ruins of the Nicolai Church are today an anti-war memorial.

Some of the streets of the Inner City are a must for any itinerary, for instance Mönkebergstraße, which is the most well-known shopping street in town, connecting the Town Hall Square and the Main Station. Or the Neue Wall, home to the most expensive shops in Hamburg.

For those interested in city tours but who can’t be bothered with big groups we recommend the Hamburg MP3 Tour Guide. Plan your own tour of Hamburg by choosing from any of Hamburg’s many sight seeing attractions. Available sights include the Speicherstadt, the Old Elbe Tunnel, the St. Nikolai Church, the Michel, the Cap San Diego and the Town Hall.

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