The Old Elbe Tunnel

The old Elbe Tunnel in Hamburg© Iwonag / Wikimedia Commons [CC BY-SA 3.0]

The Old Elbe Tunnel

Due to an increase in traffic volume, the desperately needed Elbe Tunnel was opened ceremonially in 1911 after four years of construction. Considered to be a technical wonder back then, today it is one of Hamburg’s most important architectural monuments.

The tunnel consists of two tiled tubes located twenty metres underneath the surface of the Elbe, each of them 426.5 metres long and accommodating one lane of traffic. The entrance to the tunnel is at the Landungsbrücken. Four giant elevators convey people and vehicles to carriageways and footpaths at a depth of 24 metres. The other end of the tunnel is located at the southern end of the banks of the Elbe at Steinwerder, where, in turn, elevators carry passengers back to daylight. A reverse journey through the tunnel is of course also possible. Particularly impressive are the magnificent domed structures at each respective end of the tunnel, the entrance hall in the eastern entrance, and the walls of the tunnels with their diverse range of tiles, reminiscent of mosaics.

Tip: Walk through the Elbe Tunnel to Steinwerder and from there enjoy the glorious view of Hamburg Harbour.

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