Food and Drink


A cup of coffee or tea with a piece of freshly made cake will revitalise you, ensuring that you can continue your tour of Hamburg.

Tea Houses

Tea lovers can visit one of the city’s many tea houses and rejoice in the wide range of tea varieties.


Hamburg is home to an extensive range of different restaurants. Sample the culinary diversity of the hanseatic capital.

Ice Cream Parlours

Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry… or maybe gummy bear ice cream? In Hamburg there are many ice cream parlours that serve unique flavours alongside the traditional tried and true.

Gastronomy Hamburg

On the following pages you will find a range of suggestions for eating out in Hamburg's restaurants and cafés, so that you can refuel after a day busily spent. Explore Hamburg and get to know it from its culinary side, which is particularly diverse and also very international. From Indian and Mexican to Portuguese and French, many countries are represented here. Of course, you can also try out some traditional Hamburg dishes, which means that there has to be some fish. Hamburg's fish restaurants get their catch of the day straight from the harbour, which then lands on your plate.

If you have any other gastronomic tips for us, simply send an email to and we will include your suggestion in our list.

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