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Doctors and Pharmacies

Sickness and health complaints do not need to mean the end of a holiday if you know where to find help. On this page you will be able to find the next pharmacy or a competent doctor. In the event of an acute illness or a sudden accident, please call the emergency number 112 (fire service).

Emergency Doctors
Here you will find professional medical help in the event of an accident: general medicine, pediatrics, internal medicine, orthopaedics and ENT medicine.
Stresemannstrasse 54, 22769 Hamburg
Berner Heerweg 124, 22159 Hamburg
Tel.: 040-228022

Pharmacies in Hamburg
With Mediway you will be able to find over 500 pharmacies in Hamburg. Simply search by post code or district.

Doctors in Hamburg
Using the doctor search of the Hamburg Chamber of Medical Practitioners you will be able to find the property doctor in your area.

Hospitals in Hamburg
Here you will find a list of all of the hospitals in Hamburg with phone numbers and addresses.

Dentists in Hamburg
With the online dentist recommendation service, you can find dentists in Hamburg.

Sport and Fitness

If you don’t want to go without your daily dose of exercise during your holiday, or if you would just like to use the time to improve your fitness, take advantage of one of the many fitness offers in Hamburg’s gyms, where you will have competent staff at your side, no matter the exercise, alone or in a group.

Cabrio Sport
Wandsbeker Zollstraße 25-29
22041 Hamburg
Tel.: 040-68919593

Dima Sport Center
Havighorster Weg 16
21031 Hamburg
Tel.: 040-730928930

Reinfeldstraße 6
20146 Hamburg
Tel.: 040-444628

Sporting Live
Robert-Koch-Straße 26
20249 Hamburg
Tel.: 040-472075

Fitness First
Rödingsmarkt 9, 20459 Hamburg
Falkenried 88, 20251 Hamburg
Ballindamm 39 / Europapassage, 20095 Hamburg
Glockengießerwall 3, 20095 Hamburg
Kollaustraße 127-135, 22453 Hamburg
Wandsbeker Marktstraße 2, 22041 Hamburg

Paul-Nevermann-Platz 13, 22765 Hamburg
Westphalensweg 11, 20099 Hamburg
Möllner Landstraße 8, 22111 Hamburg
Holsteinischer Kamp 87, 22081 Hamburg
Überseering 19-31, 22297 Hamburg
Harburger Ring 10, 21073 Hamburg

On Stage Training Center
Conventstraße 8-10, 22089 Hamburg
Poolstraße 21, 20355 Hamburg
Stahltwiete 20, 22761 Hamburg
Kieler Straße 565, 22525 Hamburg
Krohnskamp 33, 22301 Hamburg
Bachstraße 104, 22083 Hamburg (women only gym)