Spa Hamburg© Seminaris Hotel / Wikimedia Commons [gemeinfrei]

Spas in Hamburg

Would you like to find out what “wellness” actually means? Then spend a day indulging yourself during one of Hamburg’s comprehensive spa facilities. From classic massage to facials and relaxing baths – in Hamburg you are spoiled for choice. If you would like to inject a little more movement into your day, check out the fitness programmes.

Meridian Spa
“Fitness, Wellness, Bodycare” – these are the keywords at the Meridian Spa. There are four of these oases of wellbeing in Hamburg.
Wandsbeker Zollstraße 87-89, 22041 Hamburg
Schaarsteinweg 6, 20459 Hamburg
Quickbornstraße 26, 20253 Hamburg
Heegbarg 6, 22391 Hamburg
Tel.: 040-65890

Aspria Alstertal
Sweat in the sauna, refresh in the pool, train at the gym or relax with a massage. All of this and much more is on offer at Aspiria Alstertal.
Rehagen 20
22339 Hamburg
Tel.: 040-52019010

Holthusen Spa
Experience pure joy at Holthusen Spa. Here you will find thermal pools, a sauna, fountain showers, hot pools and much more.
Goernestraße 21
20249 Hamburg
Tel.: 040-188890

Club Olympus
The stress of everyday life will fall from your shoulders at Club Olympus Spa and Fitness at the Park Hyatt in Hamburg.
Bugenhagenstraße 8
20095 Hamburg
Tel.: 040-33321736


Massage Hamburg© NOVOTEL FONTAINEBLEAU / Wikimedia Commons [gemeinfrei]

Massage in Hamburg

Your shoulders are all tensed up, your back hurts and your legs are weary. It’s high time for a massage. Aromatherapy oils will calm you and the firm hands of a masseuse will relax all of your muscles. Pains and tension will melt away, as will the stresses of everyday life. Alongside classic massage, in Hamburg you will also find exotic treatments that are becoming more and more popular. Try out Lomi Lomi, for instance – a Hawaiian massage technique.

Massage Hamburg
A wide range on offer from classic massage to lymph drainage, foot reflex tissue massage, hot stone massage and salt and oil vital massage.
Armgartstraße 4
22087 Hamburg
Tel.: 040-69456366

Schön and Wohl
Aryuveda, Lomi Lomi and Thai are not exotisc foods but the names of ancient, traditional massage techniques that will leave you feeling nice and relaxed.
Juliusstraße 4
22769 Hamburg
Tel.: 040-18193404

Relax Express
Here you can choose between medicinal massage and wellness massage. Wellness packages provide a comprehensive relaxation programme.
Winterhuder Weg 24
22085 Hamburg
Tel.: 040-22697033

Thai Tempel Massage
Experience traditional Thai massage and pleasant aromatherapy. Here you will be spoiled from head to toe.
ABC Straße 44 (ABC-Forum)
20354 Hamburg
Tel.: 040-35018787


Cosmetic Treatments in Hamburg

In Hamburg’s cosmetic salons you will be able to learn back carefree and be spoiled by a competent professionals. Whether you’re looking for new make up or would like to indulge your feet with a purifying pedicure, with a cosmetic you will shine.

Alster Kosmetik
Spoil yourself with a refreshing facial and make up that emphasises your natural beauty.
Neuer Wall 18
20354 Hamburg
Tel.: 040-3589988

Naturkosmetik und Fußpflege
Here you will receive beautifying natural cosmetics that care for and protect your skin with natural ingredients.
Von-Essen-Straße 90
22081 Hamburg
Tel.: 040-20972056

Urban Spa
How about a beauty party for your hens‘night or a day out with good friends? All of this and more is possible at the Urban Spa.
Winterhuder Marktplatz 1
22299 Hamburg
Tel.: 040-57009757
Völckersstraße 2
22765 Hamburg
Tel.: 040-46008737

Adam and Eve Beauty Lounge
All kinds of beauty treatments from manicures to make-up to full-body tans
Steinwegpassage 1-5
20355 Hamburg
Tel.: 040-21008833
Mühlenkamp 13
22303 Hamburg‎
Tel.: 040-65066945
Lehmweg 53
20251 Hamburg‎
Tel.: 040-28809960


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