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On a Rainy Day


Indoor Playgrounds in Hamburg

Climbing, jumping, sliding, crawling, falling, swinging and simply letting off steam – children can do all of this and more at one of Hamburg’s indoor playgrounds. Here children will find playthings such as building blocks, stilts, balls and large play areas such as bouncy castles, go-cart tracks, climbing walls, giant slides, trampolines and much more.

Fun is guaranteed, for parents too, who are welcome to play and laugh along. In addition, you will find a number of adult facilities for fitness and relaxation. Of course, every indoor playground also has its own café where you can enjoy delicious refreshments so that you can refuel for another play session. For the littlest visitors there are colourful play areas for them to crawl around and improve their motor skills.

On the Sky Trail at Rabatzz children can climb up to dizzying heights and free fall onto safety mats. At Spielscheune der Geschichten (Story Play Barn), the team tells exciting adventure stories and plays games with the children. At Indoo Park, the tall Dragon of Avangar waits for new playmates.

Fun World
Harksheider Weg 226
25451 Quickborn
Tel.: 04106-2631

Spielstadt Hamburg
Niendorfer Weg 11
22453 Hamburg
Tel.: 040-55449884

Kieler Straße 571
22525 Hamburg-Stellingen
Tel.: 040-54709690

Curslacker Heerweg 263-265
21039 Hamburg
Tel.: 040-7207777

Indoo Park
Ewige Weide 1
22926 Ahrensburg
Tel.: 04102-200900

Spielscheune der Geschichten
Marie-Henning-Weg 1
21035 Hamburg
Tel.: 040-32848358

Fuxis Spiel- und Sportscheune
Bei der Lutherkirche 21
21629 Neu Wulmstorf
Tel.: 040-7005803

Kids und Play
Goosmoortwiete 40
25474 Bönningstedt
Tel.: 040-5566543
Kronskamp 129
22880 Wedel
Tel.: 04103-9000956


Wax Works

Wax works are wonderful for the whole family. Parents will wallow in memories of times gone when they encounter the Beatles and children delight in meeting heroes such as Harry Potter. At Hamburg’s Panoptikum, over 120 famous personalities from history, politics and pop culture await visitors.

Parents and children, young and old can get up close and personal with their role models, without bodyguards or crowds. In Germany’s oldest wax works, children can shake hands with Angela Merkel or go on stage with Robbie Williams.

The tour through the exhibition rooms is also a great way to view the wax works. A free flyer at the entrance provides information about this offer. Another way to explore the cabinet is the Panoptikum tour for kids with the pirate mouse Pauli, where children will find out about how wax figures are made. The Panoptikum is open daily.

Spielbudenplatz 3
20359 Hamburg
Tel.: 040-310317


Swimming Pool© Tukka / Wikimedia Commons [gemeinfrei]

Indoor Swimming Pools

Every child loves to splash around in the water. But even better than a simple swimming pool are colourful play areas and imaginative water games. You will find this and much more in Hamburg’S swimming pools, with more than 20 pools, spread all over Hamburg.

A dinosaur land, a wild jungle, a stormy ocean and much more awaits children up to 12 in the swimming pools Bille-Bad, Bondenwald, Festland, MidSommerland, Parkbad and Süderelbe. Older children can look forward to twisting slides and high diving boards. In Billstedt there is a six metre high wall for water climbing in the summer months. Those who would like to take their baby to the pool are welcome to take part in an aqua baby course, without registration. There are great wellness and fitness facilities for parents and peaceful corners to relax. A dismal day can turn into a bright adventure for the whole family. And if the sun does decide to shine, there are also outdoor pools.

Bäderland Hamburg
Here is a list oft he swimming pools that have water playgrounds. All of the pools indicated here have aqua baby courses on offer. Additional attractions are in parentheses.

Reetwerder 25, 21029 Hamburg
Bondenwald (Slides and diving boards)
Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 71, 22459 Hamburg
Holstenstraße 30, 22767 Hamburg
MidSommerland (Slides)
Gotthelfweg 2, 21077 Hamburg
Rockenhof, 22359 Hamburg
Hallenbad Süderelbe
Neugrabener Markt 9, 21149 Hamburg

Miniature Wonderland Hamburg© Jim Woodward/ Wikimedia Commons [CC BY 2.0]

Miniature Wonderland

Kids will feel like giants at Hamburg’s Miniature Wonderland. The world’s largest model railway will take you on a journey around the world. Miniature Wonderland in the Speicherstadt is continuously expanding and is already spread over an area of 1,300 metres squared. There are miniature versions of Scandinavia, America and Central Germany, as well as Austria and Switzerland. A total of eight different sections display the most beautiful sightseeing attractions and impressive technology that powers steam trains and booming aeroplane turbines.

Miniature Wonderland is set to expand by 25% by the year 2020, with additional exhibits. Work on the new sections and maintenance of current exhibits does not take place behind a cordon. Parents and children are welcome to look over the shoulder of the model makers and engineers and ask questions. Permanent construction also has the advantage that there is always something new to discover and that further visits are never boring.

Kehrwieder 2-4, Block D
20457 Hamburg
Tel.: 040-3006800


Skatepark Hamburg© Autoria propia / Wikimedia Commons [gemeinfrei]

i-Punkt Skatepark

If your child is into action, speed and movement, nothing beats the i-Punkt Skateland. A 1,500m2, indoor skate park awaits skate enthusiasts both young and old. On a fine day, the 1,800m2 outdoor facilities can also be used. The lanes and obstacle courses can be used by skateboarders, BMXers and mountain bikers. There are also miniature landscapes for fingerboarders. Those who have left their own gear at home can hire in-line skates or skateboards. There is also protective gear for hire.

These facilities were opened in 2000, are supervised by the independent collective i-Punkt Skateland e.V. and are open 365 days a year. On Sunday mornings the team puts on the special Skateboard Jam for children under 14, for which registration and a participation fee are required. But children can also prove their talent during the week, when admission is free.

i-Punkt Skateland
Spaldingstraße 131
20097 Hamburg
Tel.: 040-234458