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Hagenbeck’s Zoo

Hagenbeck’s Zoo is not just a zoo but a world of adventure. Here your family will journey through a mixture of nature, culture and relaxation. Because this is the aim of this zoological garden in Hamburg-Stellingen. For over 100 years now, Hagenbeck’s has been taking care of breeding and species-appropriate animal welfare. Visitors today can marvel at over 200 different species of animals in the park and 300 in the Tropical Aquarium.

In addition, visitors are given the opportunity to take part in a myriad of educational events. The Zoo puts on private guided tours through the park and there are great promotions that provide guests with a unique insight into the animal world. Children will find out how much an ostrich egg weighs or what a turtle feels like. Themed evenings are a great chance to take in spectacular shows with talented artists and showmen with grand costumes. This all takes place in the gorgeous scenery of the park, with its fascinating buildings and its enchanting array of flowers.

Petting zoos with goats, a large playground, a mini-train with a fairy tale land, a rope bridge over a dinosaur lake and pony rides will delight even the youngest of children. A range of stands, cafés and restaurants are available for a short break and refreshments. All in all, there are attractions and offers enough to spend the entire day in Hagenbeck’s Zoo.

Tierpark Hagenbeck
Lokstedter Grenzstraße 2
22527 Hamburg
Tel.: 040-5300330


Wildlife Enclosures Hamburg

You don’t have to leave Hamburg in order to get up close and personal with Germany’s native wildlife. There are two game enclosures within the city borders, home to animals such as deer and boars.

The Niendorf Enclosure is located to the north of Hagenbeck’s Zoo. This area dominated by deciduous trees is spread out over an area of 142 hectares. Deer live here in a large forest clearing and can be observed from a lookout platform or from one of the walking trails. Once you have visited the animals you have the opportunity to relax on one of the meadows and forest recreation areas. If your children need a break, you will find a number of playgrounds on site. There is also a pony stables in the immediate vicinity.

The Klövensteen Wildlife Enclosure in the west of Hamburg is home to seven species of wild animal, including ferrets, owls, boars, wild sheep and a number of different deer. Children can both view the animals in their ample enclosures and take part in the daily feeding. Animal feed can be purchased at the kiosk “Kleine Waldschänke”, across the road from the main entrance, where there is also a playground for children.

Wildgehege im Klövensteen
Sandmoorweg 149
22559 Hamburg

Niendorfer Gehege
Niendorfer Gehege
22453 Hamburg


Hamburg Children's Farm© xeospeed / Wikimedia Commons [gemeinfrei]

The Children's Farm

If your children want to experience animals first hand, don’t pass up an opportunity to visit the Children’s Farm in Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg, where kids don’t just see the animals but are also allowed to pet and feed them.

The Kinderbauernhof Kirchdorf e.V. (Children’s Farm) is home to over 260 animals and was founded by dedicated parents. Here, children will meet typical farmyard animals, including cows, horses, sheep and pigs, but also dogs and cats, goats and donkeys. Children can also find out more about birds and small animals such as guinea pigs and rabbits. Children are allowed to feed and – under supervision – also groom all of the animals.

Parents will also be able to spend an interesting day outdoors, with colourful buildings, a tree house and decorated hay bales that welcome visitors to the farm. The children’s farm is opened daily, free of charge.

Stübenhofer Weg 19
21109 Hamburg
Tel.: 040-7508484


Zoological Museum Hamburg

This museum spread over a surface of 2000 square metres brings children closer to the fascinating world of animals. Large predators and tiny creatures come together here and teach visitors about the wonders of nature. Of course, the animals exhibited here are not living, but rather stuffed specimens. But they look so life-like that some visitors might think that they will jump out of their cases.

This museum is a public exhibition belonging to the University of Hamburg. It is home to more than 10 million zoological items and is thus the fourth-largest collection in Germany. Even if only a fraction of the most valuable items can be seen in the exhibition, there are still hundreds of display items to discover. Amongst other things you will find specimens of all of the birds in Central Europe, numerous insects and hoofed animals from all over the world, including a rhinoceros and an okapi. The skeletons and whale models that are exhibited here are unique in Germany. Alongside polar bears and leopards, a former German TV mascot, the walrus Antje from Hagenbeck, can also be visited. Entry is free of charge.

Zoologisches Museum
Martin-Luther-King Platz 3
20146 Hamburg
Tel.: 040-428383880