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Rock Climbing Hamburg

Rock Climbing in Hamburg

Rock climbing as a sport is getting more and more followers, especially due to the increased incidence of rock climbing halls, where you can climb regardless of the weather or hour. Climbing halls are between 5 and 20 metres high and provide climbers with a range of different climbing routes with various levels of difficulty.

There are three types of indoor rock climbing. Top-rope climbing and lead climbing is where one climber steadies the other with a rope. There is no rope necessary for bouldering, as participants climb over safety mats.

Kletterwald Hamburg
High rope course with climbing for every niveau
Meiendorfer Weg 122 -128
Tel: 04102 200919

Kilimanschanzo e.V.
A bunker that has been turned into a climbing rock
Schanzenstraße 69
20357 Hamburg (Sternschanze)
Tel:040 25485429

Hochseilgarten Museumsschiff Cap San Diego
A floating climbing wall for groups
Überseebrücke 1
20459 Hamburg
Tel: 04104 9071511

Indoor climbing with a range of climbing walls both indoor and outdoor, as well as bouldering
Am Inselpark 20
Zugang auf der Neuenfelder Strasse, beim Infoturm der IGS
21109 Hamburg (Wilhelmsburg)
Tel: 040 33442688