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Zoo Hagenbeck Hamburg© Xavier caihuelas / Wikimedia Commons [gemeinfrei]

Hagenbeck’s Zoo

Hamburg’s number one zoo is still owned by the original family and is maintained without state funding. All costs are covered by admission fees. One more reason to visit Hagenbecks. You can marvel at baby animals almost all year round, but even if there is no offspring in the enclosures, there is still a lot to see. There are over 210 species living at Hagenbeck Zoo and more arrive all the time.

For some time now the Tropical Aquarium has been a fixed feature of the zoo, and visitors are greeted at the entrance by colourful parrots and little ring-tailed lemurs. These monkeys are diurnal and can even be petted. The exhibition continues from the Madagascar area in Africa to Asia, where you can observe lizards, turtles and – in the South American section – crocodiles.

The newest edition to the zoo, the Arctic Sea exhibition, was opened in 2012.

Hagenbeck’s Zoo
Lokstedter Grenzstraße 2
22527 Hamburg
Tel: 040 53 00 33-0


Wildlife Park Schwarze Berge

Take a walk through this wildlife park with ist open enclosures in the middle of the forest and pet the free-range deer and pigs. The pygmy goats await cuddles in their own enclosure. From March to OCtober there are air shows with eagles and falcons, where all kinds of questions about the animals can be answered. From the Elbe viewing tower you have wonderful views of the Elbe valley, Kiekeberg Mountain and Hamburg Harbour. Of course, there is also a large playground for children.

Wildlife Park Schwarze Berge
Am Wildpark 1
21224 Rosengarten
Tel: 040 819 77 47 - 0


Wildlife Park Lüneburger Heide in Nindorf

A number of very special animal species await visitors in this wildlife park. Kodiak bears, snow leopards, reindeer and arctic wolves call the park at the edge of the Lüneburg Heath home. You can even visit two Siberian tigers. There are about 140 different animal species living here on 60 hectares. You can meet almost all of Germany’s native wild animals and learn a lot about them. Goats and deer can be petted and fed in a petting enclosure, and children can play to their hearts’ content on an adventure playground.

Wildlife Park Lüneburger Heide
Am Wildpark
21271 Nindorf-Hanstedt
Tel: 04184 89 39-0