China Lounge

The China Lounge is, as ist name already suggests, furnished in a Chinese style. The music played here, however, is diverse, although mainly what is currently at the top of the charts. As in almost all clubs, you can also reserve a table at the China Lounge in order to ensure that you have a place to sit when you need a rest from dancing. On busy nights, the China Lounge and the neighbouring club Thomas Read are connected with one another so that there is enough room for everybody.

Club Hamburg

Club Hamburg is one of the most exclusive clubs in the city. With an impressive laser show and the longest bar ever, nobody can be bored here. There is also not a single evening without a DJ or live act and the prices are more than reasonable. The best club to get on those dancing shoes!


DOCKS is also a very popular Reeperbahn club. There is a different theme every time, a different event, a different genre – but it’s always special! You can buy tickets in advance for most events, but it is also possible to simply pass by and see what’s on.


Unlike many other clubs, H1 is not located on the Reeperbahn but at the S-Bahn station Landwehr. The room shines in impressive colours with resplendent laser effects. The stylish atmosphere is great for dancing to electro. You can also take a break on a cosy sofa or at one of the large, brightly lit-up bars.

Hard Rock Café

Hamburg’s Hard Rock Café at the Landungsbrücken is a very happening bar, chill-out area and shop. There is a lot of room and a lot of seating up on the roof, where you can relax and enjoy the great views of the harbour. In the shop you will find everything a Hamburg rocker heart could desire, including a great range of accessories to remind you of your Hamburg holiday.

Maxx Music Hall

Maxx Music Hall is located in the Hamburg district of Wedel. The club is split up into several rooms, including the Main Hall, the Chill Out Area and a cocktail bar. Different music is played in every room and you can choose whether it should be relaxed or pumping. You only have to pay admission once to listen to everything and experience everything the heart desires! The special thing about this club is that minors are able to come to the club, as long as they have the signature of their parents and someone over 18 with them.


You will find Moondoo in an historic half-timbered building on the Reeperbahn. The narrow building is rather unspectacular from the outside, but the stylish entrance area will get your heart pumping. Moondoo is great for young and old. The music played here is diverse and various live acts ensure a perfect night. All kinds of drinks cater to the liquid needs of the evening.

Super Fly

Super Fly is a small club situated between two strip clubs on the Große Freiheit. You can dance to all kinds of music on the large dance floor. You can also hire a cosy room to celebrate a birthday or simply to ensure that you have a good place to sit. There are events a couple of times per month where the fun becomes even more affordable. With free admission evenings, you can party until the sun comes up without breaking the bank.

Thomas Read

Thomas Read is located right beside the China Lounge on the Reeperbahn. This Irish club is decorated in a traditional way and plays all kinds of music, from Irish Folk to the charts of today. There is something here for young and old alike. For bigger, special events, Thomas Read and the China Lounge are connected with one another, meaning you can experience two great clubs at the same time.

Three Monkeys

Three Monkeys is the perfect place for friends of rock and metal. More a bar than a club, admission is free and drinks are available at reasonable prices. Live acts let you live out your love for live music, and every Thursday is Cocktail Day, because even hard metal fans have a sweet side. This lively club is located in St Pauli.

Hamburg Nightlife

Hamburg's nightlife is legendary. Who hasn't heard of the Reeperbahn? Here you can cavort from one club to the next and there are more bars than you can poke a stick at. There is something for everybody, whether you're looking for a particular style of music, drink or a club big or small. Cool music in impressive surroundings, intimate lounge areas and exquisite drinks await visitors and the morning will come sooner than you expected on the dance floor. Great company and a great night are also guaranteed.

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