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Outdoor Football

You can play football all over Hamburg. There are great fields where there’s enough room for a little game. The best way to play football is on one of the giant fields in Hamburg’s Stadtpark municipal park. There are also parks, fields and small sporting grounds in Niendorf, Poppenbüttel and Öjendorf.

Try out the football grounds at the following locations:
Kaiser-Friedrich-Ufer / Bundesstraße, 20144 Hamburg
Allende Platz / Schlüterstraße, 20146 Hamburg
Moorweide, 20148 Hamburg
Florapark / Schanzenviertel, 20357 Hamburg
Berner Heerweg 188, 22159 Hamburg


Indoor Football

In Hamburg you can also play indoor football. Young and old can practice the art of ball play in a number of different sporting halls. Games are usually five a side.

Soccer in Hamburg
Three football courts, 30 x 15 metres
Kieler Straße 565
22525 Hamburg
Tel.: 040-5404244

Sportpark Öjendorf
At the sport park you can play football and also tennis and squash
Koolbargenredder 31-33
22117 Hamburg
Tel.: 040-7148687

Go for Goal
This soccer court is part of the facilities at the “Kids and Play” sporting facilities
Goosmoortwiete 40
25474 Bönningstedt
Tel.: 040-5566543

City Sports Bergedorf
This tennis and football hall also serves delicious meals
Curslacker Herrweg 265
21039 Hamburg
Tel.: 040-7205500


Football in Hamburg

We have two more web tips for everybody who wants to stay up-to-date with Hamburg’s football scene or would just like to find out where the best place is to watch a match:

Hamburg Football
Here you will find out everything you want to know about the different football leagues in and around Hamburg.

Public Viewing Hamburg
This is the perfect place to find out where you can watch live football with other crazy football fans.