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Scenic Flights

Scenic Flights over Hamburg© Verena Münch / Pixelio.de [Pixelio.de]

Scenic Flights over Hamburg

High in the air with the clouds above and the city below – an indescribable feeling, which you also have the opportunity to experience.

With the Aero Ballooning Company you can hover high above Hamburg, the North German countryside, the River Elbe. Every flight is unique, as the route is determined by the wind. There is room for up to 28 guests in some of the balloons in the fleet, although it is also possible starting from 7 guests.

The Hanseatic Helicopter Service GmbH also carries out one 30-minute scenic flight per month. The helicopter departs from the transit airport Hamburg-Fühlsbüttel in the direction of Blankenese and Wedel, and flies over Hagenbeck’s Zoo and the AOL Arena. During the flight passengers can also take in the attractions of Hamburg Harbour and the landmarks of the inner city. The helicopter then begins its descent near the Outer Alster.

Aero Ballooning Company
Vogelweide 9
22081 Hamburg
Tel.: 040-20004741

Hanseatic Helicopter Service GmbH
Flughafen Hamburg
Gebäude 347 A
22335 Hamburg
Tel.: 040-54802997