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Playing Tennis in Hamburg

Tennis is a very popular sport in Germany. Whether you’re playing singles or doubles tennis, tennis is a great way to enjoy movement and action. In Hamburg there is a wide range of tennis courts on offer. You can hit a ball around with a couple of friends or take part in a professional tennis course. Hamburg’s tennis facilities look forward to your visit.

Cabrio Sport Hall
At Cabrio Sport Hall you can play tennis, squash, badminton or table tennis. On fine days the roof of the hall is opened up.
Wandsbeker Zollstraße 25
22041 Hamburg
Tel.: 040-68919593

Pro Tennis Hamburg
Play on a court or in a hall with friends or family. Regular tournaments also take place here throughout the year.
Glashütter Landstraße 43
22339 Hamburg
Tel.: 040-63658154

Tennisanlage Eichenhof
Here you will find outdoor and indoor tennis courts, as well as a children’s tennis court and a ball wall to practice alone.
Puckafferweg 18
22397 Hamburg
Tel.: 040-6072594

Stellinger Tennis-Center
In the west of Hamburg you will find five high quality granulate courts. Mint condition and shoes can also be hired out.
Kieler Straße 572
22525 Hamburg
Tel.: 040–5407011