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I would like to highlight my property through guest reviews. What can I do?
If you get the impression that a tenant is satisfied with the stay in your property you may encourage him or her to write a positive guest review. You can ask the tenant for a review either in person during the stay or by sending a review request via your landlord login area.

On the left hand side in your Inbox you will find your reviews. Here you can read more about guest reviews and also send a request for reviews to your guests.

1. Click on the bottom “Obtain reviews”.

2. A new window will open where you can choose the holiday property as well as the email address of the tenant. The first and last name of the tenant will be added automatically.

3. The subject and message are already formulated so you should only press send. If you wish to add a personal message you can edit both the subject and the text.
When is a rating activated, when is it blocked?
A rating is always automatically activated if it has a rating average of 4.0 points. If the average rating is below 4.0 points, the rating is not automatically activated and is first checked by us.

If, for example, deficiencies in cleanliness are mentioned in the rating, we ask the guest for evidence and decide on the basis of this whether the rating is activated. If no evidence is available, the rating will not be released. However, if the guest complains about other aspects that are difficult to prove with a photo (e.g. TV defective, host not reached, etc.), we will contact you to discuss the matter and decide whether the rating will be activated.

If your guest has not booked with you, but only inquired without booking, your guest may not submit a rating. Should this still occur in individual cases, we ask you to contact us.
How can a guest submit a rating?
There are several ways that a guest can submit a reviews. Generally, after an inquiry or after an online booking, a guest receives an email from us a few days after departure, with the request to rate the booked accommodation.

However, you can also become active yourself: To do this, go to the "Inbox" field and open the reviews.

There you will find the button "Get review". Click on the button, a window will open where you can select the accommodation. You can also enter a mail address or select a mail address of guests who have requested or booked your accommodation. Finally, enter your first and last name and send the message.

If you want, you can manually adjust the already prefabricated subject and text.

Alternatively, your guest can open the presentation of your accommodation and give a review for your accommodation under "Write review".
Where can I see which reviews are released / not released?
Call the preview of your accommodation. Here you can see the presentation as your guest will see it. In the " Reviews " section you can see all the currently activated reviews as well as your rating average.

Another possibility is in the landlord login. Open the reviews via your inbox. Here you have various filters available that define the status of the review. By default, all reviews that are published are listed here. However, you can also filter for reviews that are unpublished or new.
Can a guest leave reviews on the partner portals (Airbnb,, etc.)?
Yes, your guest can, if you use the online booking with Reichweite+, also submit a review at the partner booking portals. Your guest will be asked to do so automatically by mail, usually after departure.
I would like to have a review removed from a partner portal. What can I do?
Since we do not have access to the internal systems of the booking portals, we must contact the respective portal as a partner to discuss a blocking of the rating.

For this purpose, please provide us with all important information such as the guest's name, property number, booking number, etc. If, for example, there is a review that is several years old and no longer corresponds to the facts (e.g. due to renovation), we ask you to send us evidence in the form of photos so that we can forward this to the partner.

In this case, please send us a message.
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