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How does the order of the search results come about?
To give you a better understanding of the order of the search result, we have listed some important criteria that can also help you when creating your advertisements. Behind the search result display is a complex system, which should provide the most suitable search result possible for the prospective tenants. We are constantly striving to improve our search so that the results match the criteria entered even better.

In spite of all the complexity, there are a few points that you can use as a guideline to achieve a positive influence on your ranking.

1. attractive pictures of your vacation accommodation
Nothing gives the tenant such a good impression of your vacation accommodation as attractive pictures. On your single view on %%allg_site you can upload up to 23 additional images besides the main image. As the main picture, we always recommend the most beautiful view of your accommodation - show how beautiful it is with you and why people should definitely spend their vacation with you. Further pictures should show the different rooms and the outdoor area in detail to give a comprehensive picture.

2. detailed description of your vacation accommodation
Describe your vacation accommodation in complete sentences as detailed and honest as possible. It makes sense to give potential tenants information about the location, the rooms, the equipment and the outdoor area. Convince vacationers with words of your vacation accommodation. Ideally, all questions of the tenant are already answered, so that nothing stands in the way of a booking. With the help of paragraphs, you can also arrange longer text clearly.

Experience has shown that the following questions are of particular interest to vacationers:

- Does the bedroom face the street?
- What is the distribution of beds (if there are several rooms)?
- Equipment of the rooms as well as kitchen and bathroom
- Floor of the vacation accommodation
- Information about garden and garden equipment
- Information about pets
- parking facilities
- Shopping facilities and transport connections in the vicinity of the vacation accommodation
- Suitability of the accommodation for families with children
- Information about possible extra services

4. log in to the landlord login and update the occupancy calendar
Log in regularly to the landlord login, in order to be able to answer your inquiries in time, as well as to update your occupation time calendar.
A well-maintained occupancy calendar not only benefits you, but tenants as well. After all, nothing satisfies the tenant more than a requested date that matches the landlord's occupancy schedule. You achieve this by regularly updating your occupancy times. This way, you won't receive requests for periods that are already occupied, and your tenant will feel adequately informed.

A well-maintained occupancy time calendar is even more important for accommodation that can be booked directly online. Here, outdated calendars can lead to double bookings, causing annoyance for tenants and increased workload. Therefore, regular maintenance of the occupancy calendar is essential here! One way to get around this problem is to use an interface that automatically transfers booked periods to all connected systems.

5. recommendations of your vacation accommodation
Especially when it comes to the most beautiful time of the year, tenants do not want to leave anything to chance and inform themselves in detail about an accommodation. Awards and ratings also play an important role. Especially reviews are considered extremely important by prospective tenants. If you have rented out your accommodation and have ensured satisfied vacationers, ask them to give you a positive rating. In this way, you put your vacation accommodation in the spotlight in a positive way and at the same time encourage other holidaymakers to book your accommodation.
I can't find my accommodation on the portal. Why?
First, check whether the travel period for which you are searching is also reported as free in your booking plan.

Furthermore, the booking rules you have set, such as the minimum stay, must be fulfilled so that you can find your accommodation.

If you use the advanced search and are looking for accommodation with "sauna", for example, make sure that you have also entered this feature in the equipment characteristics of your accommodation.
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