Details on holiday rentals

Why are there by some properties so few photos?
We as the portal operators give landlords the opportunity to upload up to 21 photos. Within this amount, it is up to each property owner how many images they choose to upload. For some, this is only a main image, but others will publish up to 20 additional photos.
What types of accommodation are available?
Landlords can choose to advertise any type of private accommodation. This mostly includes apartments and holiday homes. Other choices include single rooms and furnished living rooms.
Where can I give feedback?
Guests have the opportunity to evaluate and rate their holiday. An honest impression of the accommodation and landlord may be useful to future tenants. If you have spent your holiday in accommodation from %%allg_site, you can leave feedback directly on the property listing. As the tenant, you will make a rating from a scale and provide comments should you wish to. Feedback is checked by us and comments believed to be suspicious, inappropriate or false will be removed. The owner has the opportunity to respond to reviews.
Can I bring my pets with me on my holiday?
The decision of whether or not to allow pets to the holiday property is made solely by the landlord. For these details you can refer to the menu on the left hand side of each property listing.

If you have found a suitable holiday property but no pets are allowed, there is usually the opportunity to ask the landlord to reconsider. You may contact him directly or we can request permission on your behalf. The contact details of the landlord are at the top of every listing. You may have better luck finding a pet-friendly holiday through our website (only in German).
How can I contact the property owner?
Here we must distinguish between the online booking and the booking request.

Online booking: With accommodations that are booked directly online, the contact between landlord and tenant comes about only after a binding booking. For questions prior to this point please contact us on via e-mail ( or by phone on +44 (0)33 333 61 029. We clarify all details with the landlord. The landlord will contact you with instructions after booking and receipt of deposit.

Request Booking: With accommodation that is not booked directly online, make your request directly to the owner of the property. For this, you can use our contact form on each listing page. You can also contact the owner by telephone. The contact details can be found in the upper left hand corner of each listing under "Contact Information".
How many guests are allowed to stay in the accommodation?
Information on the maximum number of people can be found on the individual listing of each property. This should not normally be exceeded. In exceptional cases, however, you can contact the owner and request additional sleeping arrangements (such as a cot or extra bed) should you need it.

Please note that prices given refer either to the entire property (regardless of the number of persons) or are calculated per person. This information can be found on each listing above the prices and seasons.
How do I find accommodation that I can book directly online?
We offer both accommodation which you can book directly online as well as accommodation where you first of all need to send a free request to the landlord.

In our search tool, you have the option to only display accommodation that you can book directly online. To do this go to our search in the "Advanced Search" and select "Booking" and then the "Only from online booking" tab. After clicking on "Find Now" you will see all search results that match the criteria you entered.

It is also possible to filter directly in the search result: On the left side you will find various filter criteria where you can further customise and refine your search.

You can also recognise the keywords by their colours as they are highlighted in the search results.
Why can’t I use the price calculator to work out the price of a property?
If the price calculator does not calculate a price, this can be due to:

1) The minimum stay is below the amount specified by the landlord.

2) The specified arrival and departure day fall on the same day.

3) The selected number of persons is either zero or exceeds the maximum number of guests allowed.

4) The accommodation is already occupied in the selected period.

5) Prices and season details entered by the landlord have gaps.

6) On the days selected there is no arrival or departure possible.
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