Gourmet Foodstuffs

Hamburg Specialities

Many holiday-makers love finding out what kind of regional cuisine is on offer at their holiday destination. And some visitors to Hamburg will even try the typically North German speciality “Labskaus”. This meat dish is very popular in Scandinavia and Northern Germany and is made out of beef mince, pickled herring, beetroot, onions and gherkins, which are turned through the grinder and cooked, served with a fried egg.

Other Hamburg specialities include Hamburg eel soup and the blood soup “Schwarzsauer”, although many tourists will find a “Franzbrötchen” more appealing, a sugary, cinnamon baked treat. Another sweet northern treat is “Rote Grütze”, a red fruit jelly that has now found wide popularity throughout the rest of Germany.

Delicatessens in Hamburg

Those on the quest for oils, pasta, fresh fish and fine meats have come tot he right place in Hamburg. Hamburg’s gourmet food stores bring the delicacies of the world together in one place. Here you will not just find exquisite ingredients but also new inspiration for your kitchen at home. Selected organic products and products for those with allergies are also included in delicatessen assortments.

Browse through this assortment of Baltic culinary treasures, take advantage of specialist advice and take home lovingly packed presents for friends and family.
Hohe Bleichen 26
20354 Hamburg
Tel.: 040-35004780
Jungfernstieg 16-20
20354 Hamburg
Tel.: 040-34107790

The assortment in this delicatessen ranges from savoury to sweet. Gourmet German articles are from local small business.
Ernst-Merck-Straße 9
20099 Hamburg
Tel.: 040-28407978
Lenhartzstraße 1/ Ecke Eppendorfer Baum
20249 Hamburg
Tel.: 040-54803170
Poststraße 14-16
20354 Hamburg
Tel.: 040-35004360

Das Kochhaus
This walk-in cookbook organises its assortment according to recipes instead of products.
Lange Reihe 60
20099 Hamburg
Heußweg 41
20255 Hamburg

Truffle Atelier
It’s all in a name, and here it’s all about the truffle. At the Truffle Atelier you won’t be able to just buy truffles but also try them freshly prepared.
Straßenbahnring 15
20251 Hamburg
Tel.: 040-18004923



Nothing is more essential for the success of a meal than the proper spices. In Hamburg’s gourmet stores you will find herbs, salts and grains for tasty dishes. From Oriental spices to herbs from Grandma’s garden, here you will find a wide pallet of delicious flavourings and condiments.

1001 Gewürze
The unusual spice mixes from this Hamburg factory can be bought online or at the factory itself.
Geierstaße 1
22305 Hamburg
Tel.: 040-80601272

Alongside Oriental spices, here you will also find exquisite wines. Those with an appetite can also try out the products in the bistro first.
Am Kaiserkai 69
20457 Hamburg
Tel.: 040-300322400

Violas Gewürze und Delikatessen
You will find spices brought to life and into the kitchen in Viola’s Spice Store and Delicatessen.
Eppendorfer Baum 43
20249 Hamburg
Tel.: 040-46072676



In Hamburg there is a wide range of confectioners who delight both young and old alike. Experienced these refined and even witty creations and their delicious sweetness.

Neuhaus’ chocolate is known all over the world, and in Hamburg you can try these Belgian chocolates in the original flagship.
Neuer Wall 17
20354 Hamburg
Tel.: 040-34993749

Kates Popcorn
Do you like your popcorn sweet or salty? What about with lemon, chocolate or honey? Try Kate’s popcorn with a trip to the factory or at one of Hamburg’s many markets.
Holstenkamp 42a
22525 Hamburg
Tel.: 040-88168030

You would be forgiven for thinking that you’d landed in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory when you step into the Bonscheladen, although the taste of these sweets is unmistakable.
Friedensallee 12
22765 Hamburg
Tel.: 040-41547567

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