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Shopping Centres

In Hamburg you will find a myriad of shopping centres that turn shopping into a real adventure. Alongside great brands, a range of exhibitions and attractions await shopping centre visitors.

Presents and Souvenirs

Rubber ducks, breakfast trays, handbags, buttons and snow globes. There are no limits to the range of Hamburg presents and souvenirs, which means you will not go home empty handed.

Gourmet Foodstuffs

Alongside traditional Hamburg fare such as Labskaus and Franzbrötchen, you will also find a wide range of international specialties such as Oriental spices or Belgian chocolate. In Hamburg’s gourmet food stores, there is something for every taste.

Shopping in Hamburg

As a metropolis, Hamburg is a Mecca for shopaholics. Here you will find all of the big brands and famous labels. In addition to this, you can also buy a number of curious souvenirs, that you can give to your loved ones back home. Or you can reward yourself with a new outfit. Collectors, spend-thrifts and shopaholics are bound to find what they're looking for in Hamburg and will not leave the city with empty hands.