Holidays with Children

Outdoor Fun and Games

If the sun is smiling and your family is fully energised, there is nothing like going outside, to the playground or to the park. Fun is guaranteed with great programmes, attractions and events.

On a Rainy Day

If the weather is acting up, postpone your outdoor excursion and spend some time with your children in one of Hamburg’s great indoor facilities.


Children have an uncanny obsession with animals. But adults can’t deny the charm of a deer or the elegance of a tiger either. A family excursion to one of Hamburg’s zoos or wildlife parks promises an exciting adventure for the whole family.

Holidays with Children in Hamburg

To ensure that children have fun during your family holiday as well, we have compiled a number of tips especially for holidays with children. Colourful playgrounds, wild animals and fascinating exhibitions are no rarity in Hamburg. Here, even adults will discover their inner child, meaning that you can have a holiday perfect for every family member, even on a rainy day.

If you know of any other great facilities or ways to spend a day as a family, please send an email with your tips to and we will publish it on our site.

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