By Train

You can get to Hamburg in no time at all by taking the train, but also explore Hamburg’s surrounding countryside.

By Plane

From Munich to Hamburg in one-and-a-half hours? No problem by plane. Visit Hamburg by plane and experience and arrive and depart quickly and comfortably.


Take the ferry to get to Hamburg or just to take a sightseeing tour through North Germany.

Public Transport

Use Hamburg’s great public transport system to explore the city. Train stations and bus stops are never far away.

By Car

If you want to explore Hamburg and the surrounding area at your own pace, it is worthwhile travelling by car. Here you can find out more about holidaying in Hamburg with a car.

Transport to, from and around Hamburg

Hamburg has a great infrastructure with great transport connections, despite its relatively large, 755km² surface area. You can get to Hamburg by car, train or aeroplane. There are also ferry connections to/from Helgoland and Cuxhaven. Within the city boundaries, buses and trains will take you where you want to go, or you can hire a rental car. If you decide that you would like to take a spontaneous day-trip outside the city you can also do so with public transport. Here you will find comprehensive information about the different means of transportation in Hamburg.

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