Paint Ball

Paint Ball is a popular but also very challenging game. Equipped with a paint-shooting pistol and armour, participants attempt to shoot at foes whilst hiding behind various obstacles. A thrill for anybody who ever wanted to play with a paint pistol.


Take a trip to Schwarzlichtviertel, where you can play mini-golf, laser parcour, billiards – everything in UV light, including the Blind House, where you can feel your way through a pitch-black apartment.


You can either pay a visit to Hagenbeck’s Zoo in the centre of Hamburg or one of the wildlife parks in the immediate vicinity. Whereas petting zoos are especially popular with children, adults can also find out a lot about native and exotic animals.


A number of traditional and also modern theatres await your visit to Hamburg. Spend a fine evening with a classic drama or laugh out loud during a comedy performance.

Swimming Pools

A visit to the swimming pool is great fun for the whole family. While the kids compete in sliding and diving, parents can swim a couple of leisurely lanes or relax in the sauna.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is becoming more and more popular and in Hamburg there is a range of ways to climb some walls. You can rent the necessary equipment and there are special beginners courses for those without any experience where basic techniques are explained.

Leisure in Hamburg

In Hamburg there are a range of activities to take part in no matter the weather. Here we have compiled a few suggestions for indoor and outdoor activities for you.

Hamburg's zoos are great for a family excursion and its many theatres take care of evening (or afternoon) entertainment. Those who want to try out something new could try a climbing wall. The whole family will have fun bowling or ice skating, whereas the Hamburg Dungeon is not recommended for little ones.

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